Recruiters – where are your candidates looking for positions?

recruitmentWe’ve know for some time that the traditional recruitment method through newspapers is no longer the number one channel for candidates to search for positions. However, according to research from FindEmployment, it isn’t the least popular route.

Social media is the least popular channel for candidates to search for employment, with only 6% actively using a social media platform to search for a new position.

Chris Keeling managing director of e-recruitment and applicant tracking software solution, Jobtrain, gave us his view on the research.

“What is clear from this study is that candidates are certainly embracing the online job search sites as they are the most popular place to hunt for a new position,” said Chris.

Personal research and contact was the second most favoured channel.

“Recruitment teams can learn a lot from these statistics in order to engage with potential candidates. Systems that allow positions to be posted on multiple online job boards will help reach a wide audience,” continued Chris. That said Chris also urged people in resourcing not to be too dismissive of social networks too quickly; “use of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin is still evolving and certainly they are more attractive to the younger age groups (under 24s). I think companies are still learning how to make the best use of these platforms, but it would be folly to ignore them at this stage.”

“HR managers may also be thinking more about direct resourcing rather than using recruitment agencies, as only 9% of respondents (candidates) to the survey say they searched with these agencies.”

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