Are Your Recruitment Systems Working For You?

Are Your Recruitment Systems Working For You?

Giles Heckstall-Smith, industry expert from Jobtrain Solutions spoke with HR Aspects Magazine about the pitfalls of not having robust systems in place and explains how having the right software can make the recruitment process run smoothly.

“The fast paced technological environment we live in, means that we all expect products and services to be at our fingertips and it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to recruitment.

“However, we all know that the recruitment process can be long winded, with job specifications and advert briefs being passed between departments and sitting on desks for days before they get actioned.

“And once the position is advertised and the applications start arriving, they can be in a number of different formats, aren’t all in one place and can take a significant amount of time to process. Potential applicants can even slip through the net at the first hurdle simply because their CV hasn’t been seen.

“Meanwhile, if applications are not handled in an efficient and professional manner, candidates sometimes don’t even receive a response and are left wondering whether their application has even been received.

“But there is a way to make sure that the recruitment process runs smoothly, with e-recruitment and application tracking systems. These systems are excellent at making sure that there is a system and structure in place to support all elements of the recruitment process.

“From managing and tracking job approval processes, to advertising in a timely manner, to collating applications in one place in one format, e-recruitment software can save a significant amount of time and effort for HR departments.

The systems are fully tailored to support your own processes and can respond to applicants automatically, interviews can be arranged online, feedback sent to candidates and even generate contracts of employment which can be reviewed and accepted by candidates online. They make the whole process efficient and simple to manage for HR, recruiters, hiring managers and candidates alike”

Giles provided some tips for HR departments to make sense of e-recruitment systems and advice on how to choose the best one for your business:

Map out your own recruitment processes thoroughly first

Look at standardising your processes as much as you can and review what efficiency gains you could make first and then start reviewing suppliers. An applicant tracking system will not improve an already overly complex or even flawed process.

Draw up a thorough specification

What do you expect the system to provide in terms of functionality to support each stage of your recruitment process?

What Are Your Considerations for Suppliers

  • How easy is it to use for the all stakeholders – from recruiters, to HR and hiring managers. How seamless is the candidate experience and how closely will the candidate jobs pages match and mirror or own branding?
  • How flexible is the solution? Can we make changes to applications forms, workflows and user permissions and accounts ourselves? What are the charges for any changes we aren’t able to make ourselves?
  • What support (telephone, email etc) is available for all users of the system and our candidates too?
  • Can we talk to the suppliers’ customers to ask about their experience of implementing and using the system, plus the support they receive?
  • How secure is the system that will be holding our candidates’ personal data? You should be looking for your chosen supplier’s hosted system to conform to ISO270001, the industry standard for information security.
  • Giles commented: “Companies who have started to use applicant tracking systems don’t look back as they provide on average 30% time and cost savings, whilst dramatically improving the recruitment experience for all stakeholders, not least your candidates!.”

    Giles Heckstall-Smith has been a specialist in advising on direct sourcing and implementing effective applicant tracking systems with Jobtrain Solutions for 10 years and is an expert in his field. For more information, call Jobtrain on 01565 818234.