How Should You Set the Right Recruitment Tone?

How Should You Set the Right Recruitment Tone?

Businesses continue to show real concerns at the skill shortages in the existing talent pool of potential staff.

There is a fear that the knock-on effects, in terms of identifying the best possible people to recruit, and the recruitment of able staff, could well be an issue.

So what can you do to avoid potential recruitment pitfalls?

Recruitment Focus

A sharp re-focusing of recruitment processes can help you get the right staff, right away.

Most firms will have been through the same sort of scenario:

  • An advert for a position, followed by
  • A quick skim through of CVs
  • A short interview process
  • The interview ‘star’ winning of this short race
  • The result sometimes being a costly mistake for both the company and the individual involved

With firms concerned that skills shortages in the market place are making it harder to get the right staff on-board, the process of recruiting staff itself needs to be sharpened up significantly.

A detailed competency based recruitment drive that involves significant structure and HR involvement will lead to great results in terms of getting that right person for your organisation. Developing modalities and assessment practices helps raise standards significantly.

Develop uniformity in the recruitment process across your business, from entry-level hires all the way to senior staff

Having a manifest approach like this means that you have a universally held recruitment system; the most rewarding way to identify the true talent from the broad marketplace that exists.

As the UK continues to navigate its way through the current political and economic uncertainty, companies need to feel secure in their ability to invest in the right people at the right time in order to get ahead of the competition or survive.

Getting the right staff in, through adopting recruitment best practice, will be of benefit to you.