What is the Key to Reducing Workplace Stress?

What is the Key to Reducing Workplace Stress?

Businesses with staff that suffer with back pain or neck pain could look to rectify the issue by checking their employees’ posture and the positioning of equipment within their workspace.

However, could stress and psychological factors be contributing to, or even causing this pain?

Renowned physiotherapist and author of ‘How to Relieve Back Pain’, Nick Sinfield, suggests that chronic pain can be caused by emotional tension in the first instance.  But if stress is causing the pain, and ultimately costing businesses time and money due to staff illness, what should companies be doing to ensure that staff are comfortable within their working environment?


Reduce Workplace Stress Through Comfort

Businesses have been known to employ ‘happy teams’, enabling them to provide team building events and added perks for staff.

Corporate away days and events can demonstrate how different members of staff react in situations outside of the workplace. This also helps a management team to identify and understand how they can work with their staff to resolve interpersonal conflicts.

Other options for reducing workplace stress include the use of music. This could divide a team, as some find it helpful and it motivates them, whilst others find it distracting.

It is hard for business leaders to get the balance right when it comes to music, as you can’t please everyone.  In many cases there will be a number of different musical tastes within a workforce.

Another area that influences staff happiness is corporate branding.  Positive effects can be achieved via your corporate colours, images or logo.

Finally, plants in the workplace, in addition to corporate gardens are deemed to have a positive impact on the mood of a workforce.

There are many ways to reduce workplace stress. The end game is that they all work towards improving your people, business and culture.