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Can Resilience Build Business Connections and Tight Teams?

Can Resilience Build Business Connections and Tight Teams?

Business is about making the right connections.  But this has to be more than a firm handshake and exchange of details. Relationship-building is the key to success, and while building business is the objective, the means are very much to do with emotions and a very human level of contact.  This means that connecting with customers and clients on the right level requires a lot of confidence alongside a willingness to be open and to listen. But it also requires a degree of resilience, because it can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle.


Adapt to Succeed

“Confidence alone is not enough when it comes to business,” explains Eilidh Milnes, professional speaker and motivational coach. “Resilience is as vital a quality – if not more important – in many situations.”

Eilidh has recently worked with an all-female graduate sales team, giving them her expert advice on building relationships.

“For them, it was like chipping away at something gradually, having to take time to build relationships, and to have the confidence to persevere.”

Resilience means adapting where necessary to changing circumstances and developing the necessary self-belief to succeed. As such it is the cornerstone for relationship-building.


Using Empathy

If resilience draws on inner reserves of strength, then empathy is about how you outwardly communicate with others.


“The ability to listen to people and understand their concerns is vital, as is being curious about them, showing an interest.  This thoughtfulness is paid back in the form of friendships, repeat business, referrals introductions and increased job satisfaction

Eilidh Milnes


When Eilidh talks to sales teams and other professional groups, she stresses the importance of making clients happy, building relationships with them.

Share a little about you to help them tell you more about themselves,” she says, “and listen out for details that you can pick up.”


The Measure of Success

A successful sales team is competitive but also mutually supportive. Helping people work together is also a huge part of relationship-building in business.

“Just as a businesses needs their people to be responsive to clients and customers, so they need their teams to be responsive to one another,” Eilidh remarks.

She points out how people must look, listen and speak in a way that reflects this. The rewards come in creating tight teams that are built to last while building on successful business activity.


“It’s important from the very beginning to understand what the measure of success will be, what it will look like for the individuals and teams involved”

Eilidh Milnes


Eilidh’s own measure of success for her recent work was that the team should still be working well together after 18 months.

“Currently 12 months on and the team is tight,” Eilidh concludes.  “Its resilience is paying off in financial terms, and they are all continuing to develop their personal communication skills.”

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