Resourcing Teams: How Are You Innovating Recruitment?

Resourcing Teams: How Are You Innovating Recruitment?

Innovation in recruitment has been put under the spotlight in a recent report, which found that candidate aspirations for the future differed to what professionals thought.

The Innovation Imperative report, by recruitment solutions firm Futurestep, surveyed 4,000 workers and focused on the engagement that employees and potential candidates have with a business that innovates, compared with one which doesn’t.

In looking at the top five future aspirations for innovative ways to recruit, candidates chose creative interview techniques, direct contact and use of recruitment partners as some of their aspirations. However, professionals did not have these in their top five as many of them already consider that they do this. They did agree that professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn, and creative advertising on job boards would be used in the future.

Chris Keeling, managing director of e-recruitment and applicant tracking software solution, Jobtrain said, “Innovation in recruitment is key to attracting strong candidates for a position.”

The report also found that 49% of people are more likely to consider a job if it was advertised in an innovative way, whilst 51% said that innovation would make them feel positively about a company.

“Resourcing teams should be looking at their practices to see what improvements they can make to ensure that their brand and their recruitment process is viewed as innovative,” Chris concluded.

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