How Does Your Sales Team Maintain Its Competitive Edge?

How Does Your Sales Team Maintain Its Competitive Edge?

From architects to wedding planners and from accountants to welders, businesses are finding that competition is increasing while margins are falling. So what can your business do to maintain that all-important competitive edge?

Maybe you have tried to nurture a culture of innovation in an attempt to find more efficient ways of working, or you have adopted the latest automation technology to speed up and simplify internal processes.

Both of these initiatives are useful, but have you fully harnessed the power of your sales team?

“In today’s world of online sales funnels and social media, some people might regard sales training as an outdated concept,” says Ian L. George, who has spent the past 30 years developing techniques to reach the most influential people in international business, sport and politics.

“I have found that even the most experienced business leaders can neglect the fact that the sales function is the beating heart of their company.”

You might have the greatest business strategy on the planet, but without an effective sales team you will never be able to cross the bridge to your dream customers or clients”

Ian L George

“By ensuring that your sales team are properly trained, your business can identify what your customers want and take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead,” explains Ian.

“In simple terms, sales professionals need to acquire the ability to listen, which most believe, incorrectly, is a weakness!”

Top Reasons for Sales Training

Here are the main reasons why you need to invest in an effective Sales Training Programme:

  • More Sales: This sounds obvious, but investment in effective training will generate more sales without the need to increase the size of the sales team, since each sales professional becomes more productive and successful.
  • More Talent: People are attracted to companies that invest in effective training and promote a positive culture. Training can also fill skills gaps.
  • More Development: Better trained staff will be proactive and will be able to identify new ‘routes to market’ and the need to extend additional services to help customers. Internal processes will also be streamlined to achieve maximum results.
  • Happy Staff: Effective training is a great way for employees to bond and to motivate each other. A happy and empowered team has more potential to contribute to the success of your company.

“We have all seen businesses which use the stick and throw away the carrot,” Ian adds. “That approach simply does not work with today’s workforce.”

“Employees expect a high-level of job satisfaction and want to see greater commitment from the organisation they are working for,” concludes Ian. “Get things right, and you will see much improved performance and enthusiasm, while experiencing a lower staff churn.”

Need Help With Sales Training?

The Silver Sales Bullet is a seven-week CPD certified course, that is learned at your own pace and in your own time and spread across 37 modules. The easy to follow online presentations will give your sales teams the strategies, tactics and skills to engage and communicate more effectively.

The course will highlight the process to open doors to the decision-makers at your target clients, which will secure more customers by closing more deals.

The course is not based on theory but has been designed to offer practical advice on generating quicker sales in the real world.

In summary terms, it enshrines the experience and knowledge that Ian has acquired throughout the past 30 years, within a simple to apply framework, that is easy to manage and in which success will be secured.

If you would like to learn more about how The Silver Sales Bullet can improve your sales team and your business,

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Barry Hunt is an award-winning journalist and editor with more than 25 years' experience in the media and PR industry.