Sales Teams – Are you Making the Most of Social Media?

Sales Teams – Are you Making the Most of Social Media?

A recent survey of sales teams has revealed a mini revolution in sales is finally underway. Put simply, by clever use of social media they are changing how sales are generated!

Some 78% of respondents claimed that their integrated use of social media alongside traditional sales techniques such as cold calling. This saw them able to outsell peers, with another 23% of respondents more likely exceed their sales targets.

So are firms in the UK also aware of the benefits of social media in creating and driving sales?


Social Media – Are Sales Teams Using it to Gain Business?”

We spoke to David Lomas at content marketing experts, M3 Media Publishing where they use social media very effectively to identify prospects for both themselves and their clients. David commented: “We help your sales team to understand how valuable social media can be, when identifying prospects. We then encourage the sales team to embrace social media as a valuable research tool”.

Part of the job we do is training sales teams on how to effectively use platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and then help remove some of the ‘unknowns’ from cold calling. This will give any sales team considerably more knowledge of their target audience.

These newly generated connections become ‘warm’ ahead of any telephone call and in doing this, the chances of eventually closing the sale can be dramatically improved.


The Importance of Tracking & Monitoring Software

David added: “With our software, we can also offer an insight into which of your products and services an individual may be seeking, at the same time. This of course, provides fantastic benefit to a sales team”

He concluded: “It is vital that the correct sales team’s training should accompany any attempt to integrate social media into a sales environment. Lack of knowledge and wasted time can be a key concern. Training your sales teams to get them to correctly manage social media will lead to less wastage and more productivity on the phone”.


Getting your sales team clued-up and active on social media will very likely lead to achieving more sales


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