Can Staff Training Create Sales Superstars?

Can Staff Training Create Sales Superstars?

According to the CBI, UK firms remain concerned that skills shortages amongst existing staff will hamper attempts to maintain and develop growth with over half of the companies surveyed expressing frustration at the lack of skills amongst their current workforces.

With the UK in continued economic recovery there is added impetus across industry to get the best out of people, and sales teams are at the forefront of this push.

So how can firms concerned at the possible stagnation of sales staff talent avoid suffering from a potential skills shortage? Jonathan Fitchew is CEO of sales force training group Pareto, and he has some answers to the issues confronting teams as they edge into an upward groove in the economic climate: “For firms looking to get the best out of their vital sales staff, quality training is key,” says Jonathan.

“However, it is the construction behind that training that is the most important. We would encourage the setting of individual and team goals, earning the buy-in of the employee as well as engendering that vital ‘team’ approach that bonds groups well and creates a go-forward atmosphere.”

Ongoing training will provide better results

Jonathan continued: “The training that firms put their staff through, must also be thought of as a process; companies must move on from thinking that a one-off training course will yield long-term results. This is simply not the case”.

“A process that continues over time and is continually reviewed and renewed will see your staff understand the value of what they are being taught and that belief will reward the business in terms of productivity and upturned employee loyalty.”

“This well-constructed approach and thought-through training process will also result in staff competencies increasing, sales targets being met and even bettered, and generally a happier working group.”

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