Is Staff Wellness Part of Your Business Growth Plans?

Is Staff Wellness Part of Your Business Growth Plans?

There is never a bad time for businesses to reset, review their practices and make plans for their next 12 months ahead.

While you may be making marketing plans, sales funnels or growth strategies, there’s one thing you cannot overlook – your staff.

Staff Wellness Planning

“There have been countless studies into the impact of wellness programmes on staff productivity,” explains Nick Wagg, from All Points North Destination Management Company.

“Companies who have a wellness-focused culture reap the benefits of fewer sick days, more engaged staff, and better profitability.”

I believe that wellness comes from flexible working policies, communicating with staff, and offering rewards for good work

Nick Wagg, All Points North DMC

This can be broken down into two theories:

  • The X Theory
  • The Y Theory

The X Theory is a management style that takes an autocratic approach, keeping the manager at the top and motivating staff with this obvious hierarchy.

“Autocratic managers may believe it is better to punish those for doing wrong than rewarding those for doing right,” suggests Nick.

“Some managers believe that presiding over a culture of fear can be a great motivator, but it can have long-term effects on employees’ health”

Nick Wagg, All Points North DMC

The Y Theory is more of a participative management style, allowing all employees to contribute their ideas freely.

“Here, there is a more relaxed management structure, and teams are rewarded for good performance.”

Start Your Wellness Planning with Theory Y

“The problem with Theory X is that it assumes staff members do not enjoy their work,” Nick warns.

“In fact, studies show that by motivating staff with rewards, we can get more from our teams and note increased positivity throughout the workplace.”

“At All Points North, we are ready to help put your staff wellness and engagement strategy into practice,” states Nick.

“We specialise in creating totally bespoke plans, whether these are staff incentive days, high-end business meetings or team building events.”

After a difficult 2020, it’s time for managers and staff to reunite and work towards getting business back on track. Discover how All Points North can help you to achieve this by:

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