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Can You Strengthen Team Motivation During Strange Times?

Can You Strengthen Team Motivation During Strange Times?

With lockdown rules eased up across the country, more and more people are adjusting to going back to an adapted workplace. Getting back into the flow of work isn’t always easy.

With the state of the world right now, it is as important as ever for businesses to ensure that they’re providing high-quality service.

As this is highly dependent on each businesses’ staff, it’s crucial that employers manage to strengthen team motivation, whilst caring for their mental wellbeing during this time.

Could the key to efficiency and strong team work-ethic lie within the fundamentals of communication? Ryan Tetley, Managing Director of Magnum Opus Repairs, certainly thinks so.

Setting The Bar

“The first two weeks of everyone coming back from lockdown were the hardest. Everyone was still in holiday mode,” Ryan explains.

As a contractor that specialises in technical hard-surface repairs, providing a consistently good service is a top priority for Magnum Opus.

Ryan ensures that all jobs are finished to a certain standard by getting each technician to take before and after photos of their work. If a job isn’t up to scratch, then this costs Ryan’s company time and money.

“If one of our technicians did a bad job, I’d go down to the site and have a word with them. Not to shout or get angry with them but to have an open and honest conversation.”

“That way, everyone knows where they stand, and I think everyone deserves that. I would much rather be told straight if I’m doing something wrong than hearing it from someone else.”

Get the Best Out of People

“It’s an open environment with us. We’re all open and honest and don’t beat around the bush – that’s how we get the best out of people”

Ryan Tetley, Magnum Opus Repairs

As well as being open and honest with his staff, Ryan arranges quarterly events and days out for his team, including go-karting.

This is something he’s managed to continue doing throughout lockdown by hosting online socials such as poker tournaments.

What are you doing to strengthen team motivation?

HR Aspects Magazine thanks Ryan Tetley for his contribution.

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