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corporate culture

Are You Falling out of Love with Corporate Culture?

For many people, working in a large corporation fulfils their ambitions. They climb the ladder to a successful position where their...

effective leadership

Is a Mandate Essential for Effective Leadership?

The dictionary definition of mandate is an official order or commission to do something. It confers authority on the holder to carry out...

women in the boardroom

Women in Business: How Are You Represented in Boardrooms?

Norway has one of the best records internationally for women in the boardroom. Women hold over a third of seats on Norwegian stock indexed...


Entrepreneurs and Startups: What are the Mentor Benefits?

For many people starting out in business on their own, the temptation is to see everything as a personal challenge. The downside of this is...

work life balance

Is Work Life Balance More than Just a Break?

 A shift in perspective can alter your whole perception. Many people make major changes in their lives resulting from discussions they...