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IT Recruitment

Can Government Do More To Promote IT Contractors?

In 2010, David Cameron pledged £50million towards the much-vaunted ‘Silicon Roundabout’ development in the East End of London. The...

Tank: Ex- Forces

Training Helps Ex- Forces Personnel Find Jobs After Service

It is estimated that around 24,000 people leave the UK Armed Forces each year. For most of those ex-forces personnel, they may not have...

Economic growth

Can Economic Recovery Continue to Help Contractors?

The British Chamber of Commerce has become the latest leading body to pass a healthy judgement on the UK’s economic outlook. The business...

IT Contractors: Motherboard

IT Contractors: What Value Can They Provide?

The IT contractors sector is thriving. Demand for developers is now said to be at a 10 year high, and some firms bemoaning a skill shortage...

Skills: Senior Contractors

Can Senior Contractors Help Plug UK’s Skills Shortfall?

Figures produced by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development have shown that the UK is facing a potentially serious skills...