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Candid HR helps businesses to their new normal

Candid HR Guides Businesses on the Road to the New Normal

To say there’s been a lot of legislative change recently would be an understatement. The road to national recovery will only bring about...

workplace anxiety post lockdown

Is Your Workplace Fit For Employees’ Post-Lockdown Anxiety?

Employers are adapting to their doors being open to staff, as well as the general public. What should they do to reduce employees suffering...

Kevin Rogers Paycare on presenteeism

Paycare Reveals the Hidden Threat of Presenteeism

Absenteeism has long been regarded as a key focus for employers when it comes to ensuring the smooth running of their businesses. After...

supporting your remote workers

How Should You Motivate Your Remote Workers During a Crisis?

The government-imposed isolation and social distancing measures are having myriad effects on the UK workforce. Some companies have...

coronavirus Magnum Opus Repairs

Magnum Opus Repairs Reveals Their Team Support During Coronavirus

Whilst businesses around the world are feeling the pressure of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) it is important not to lose sight of what is...