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working from home

Could the Sun Impact Productivity When You Are Working From Home?

Following the COVID-19 crisis, home working has become the norm, but setting up an ideal working environment can be tricky. New insight...

CABA employee wellbeing

CABA Affirms the Keys to Employee Wellbeing at Christmas

By Kirsty Lilley, mental health expert at CABA, the wellbeing charity. Without a doubt, this year’s festive period is going to look...

staff performance

What is the Key to Successful Staff Performance?

Vince Lombardi once said that the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary.  Now more than ever, in the current...

Ian Hadridge, HealthTrust Europe

HealthTrust Europe Empowers Workplaces with Mental Health Positivity

One in four of people will experience problems with their mental health at some point in their lives. [1] Like any other illness, mental...