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Iain Colville Wright Hassall

Have Politicians Lost the Art of Leadership? Interview with Iain Colville

There are many qualities people look for in a good leader. Whether it is heading up a business or running a country, people expect honesty...

leadership duty

Should Duty Always be a Virtue in Business Leadership?

When someone says it is their duty to see something through, however difficult or controversial the task, does this reflect good leadership...

Mark Cushway on lonely leadership

Mark Cushway Reveals Why Leadership is a Lonely Place

Are leaders out on a limb, and if so, should they be? Recent examples of leaders seemingly out of step with their culture and environment,...

mental toughness

The Mark Cushway Interview – Mental Toughness: How Strong Are You?

What does it mean to be mentally tough? It is about resilience and a willingness to take on challenges and face the unknown. Most of all,...

toxic leadership

Toxic Leadership: Is Your Behaviour Bad for Business?

Leadership only works if it is about other people and not just yourself. You can turn this on its head and say that toxic behaviours are...