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automation and artificial intelligence

Could AI and Automation Impact the Future of HR?

While many discussions on the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation have focused on jobs and the workforce in...


Is Empathy the Hardest Leadership Skill to Learn?

Leadership is just as much about relating to others as it is to do with individual strengths. Consequently, so-called soft skills have a...

staff retention

Staff Retention: Do You Risk Losing Your Employees?

With early 2018 unemployment figures recorded at a 42-year low, employers should consider whether they might lose talented staff, if they...

personal development

Is Personal Development Better than Promotion?

With a new generation of employees now increasingly value-led, is it any surprise that for many people, personal development ranks higher...

leadership training

Can Leadership Training Overcome Barriers to Change?

When businesses and organisations look at their own effectiveness they often come across barriers to change, which seem systemic, and...