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working from home

Could the Sun Impact Productivity When You Are Working From Home?

Following the COVID-19 crisis, home working has become the norm, but setting up an ideal working environment can be tricky. New insight...

financial planning

Are Your Employees Failing in Financial Planning?

Whereas many employers and their HR department are heavily focused on aspects of training to do with role development and practical skills,...

work life balance

Is Work Life Balance More than Just a Break?

 A shift in perspective can alter your whole perception. Many people make major changes in their lives resulting from discussions they...

workplace stress

Workplace Stress: Why Can Breakout Areas Beat it?

Workplace stress has a big, negative impact on business. The 2016 Labour Force Survey from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reports a...

workplace collaboration - teamwork

Can Breakout Areas Improve Your Collaboration at Work?

The benefits of collaboration at work should be self-evident.  It encourages information-sharing, helps with making informed decisions,...