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How Should You Set the Right Recruitment Tone?

Businesses continue to show real concerns at the skill shortages in the existing talent pool of potential staff. There is a fear that the...

automation and artificial intelligence

Could AI and Automation Impact the Future of HR?

While many discussions on the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation have focused on jobs and the workforce in...

recruitment agencies storm

Are Recruitment Agencies Heading for a Perfect Storm?

A recent report from the consultancy firm Deloitte suggests that up to 47% of highly skilled EU citizens are considering leaving the UK...

apprenticeships upskilling

Will Apprenticeships Provide the Upskilling You Need?

What are apprenticeships? Despite the Government’s Apprenticeship Levy coming into effect, certain perceptions about apprenticeships...

english language for recruitment

Can teaching Business English help in Recruitment?

The UK is facing a rising skills gap, according to the CBI. Of those employers questioned in the CBI’s 2016 survey, 69% anticipate facing...