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Tank: Ex- Forces

Training Helps Ex- Forces Personnel Find Jobs After Service

It is estimated that around 24,000 people leave the UK Armed Forces each year. For most of those ex-forces personnel, they may not have...

Cups: Employees Awards

PayMatters Give Employees Recognition at Annual Awards

Hard work and dedication of employees at PayMatters, the tax, payroll and umbrella company service, will be rewarding when the company...


Could Changes Impact Umbrella Company Contractors?

Contractors need to be aware of the impact the increase in the national minimum wage could have on them, particularly if they are working...

Economic growth

Can Economic Recovery Continue to Help Contractors?

The British Chamber of Commerce has become the latest leading body to pass a healthy judgement on the UK’s economic outlook. The business...

Contractors: Oil Extraction

Oil and Gas Extraction: Will Contractors Reap the Benefits?

Recent figures offered by Oil & Gas UK have shown that 2013 represents a year of renewed Whitehall investment oil and gas extraction...