Can Training Ensure Greater Workforce Security?

Can Training Ensure Greater Workforce Security?

Everyone has the right to carry out their work without threats to their security. Unfortunately all too often news stories highlight high risk situation workers have found themselves in while carrying out their duties.

Dangers can also come from unexpected sources and business travellers who may travel to unfamiliar places can unwittingly come across threats to their health and safety.

With an employers’ legal duty to offer a reasonable level to security to their employees, no matter where they work, means that plenty of consideration should be given, and everything appropriate done, to make sure their workforce’s is safe and secure.

Where a company’s business involves lone working, there is a growing trend for employees to be offered specialist training to help to identify, and act upon, the risks they could, and do face.

Security threats can come in many guises, particularly if overseas travel is involved. Many companies are seeing the dangers their staff can be placed in and are increasingly offering them specialist training.

One challenge may be lone driver security, which can be particularly relevant for the increasing number of ladies who now travel on their own. Developing Pro-active skills can reduce the risks that may be around them to eliminate the possibility of attack.

The awareness skills of your staff can be built as can their ability to plan escape routes and to develop safety techniques – all to aid self-preservation.

Being able to foresee dangers can help protect and keep your employees safe.