The Importance of Training in the Security Industry

The Importance of Training in the Security Industry

The increasing professionalism of the security industry has brought greater awareness of the importance of training in ensuring the right actions are taken.

With the growing number of training providers it is important to ensure that they are correctly accredited and are able to give training which meets specific needs.

With the instigation of the Security Industry Authority (SIA), major changes have taken place and have contributed to the increased professional skills within the sector.

Training providers such as Macclesfield-based Extreme Security offer SIA recognised courses as well as having Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance accreditation and believe this has contributed to the sector’s increasing professionalism.

Mark Longden of Extreme Security says: “There is a growing awareness amongst those that attend our courses of the value of having these accreditations. Not only does it give their employers a level of recognition of their skills and ability, it also assures them that they are taking a course which is valued.”

Extreme runs a series of accredited courses, from beginner to those with advanced skills, covering security personnel training including CCTV, close protection and conflict management; First Aid also covering defibrillator training; and specialist driver training courses.

Mark adds: “For anyone looking at undertaking a course it is always important to check that it is valid and is going to provide the necessary recognition to give real benefit.”

For more information on lone worker security, contact Mark Longden directly at Extreme Security on 0844 277 2502.