IT Contractors: What Value Can They Provide?

IT Contractors: What Value Can They Provide?

The IT contractors sector is thriving. Demand for developers is now said to be at a 10 year high, and some firms bemoaning a skill shortage with certain roles going unfulfilled as the market continues to be buoyant for IT professionals.

At the same time the number of opportunities for IT contractors has grown at roughly twice the rate of permanent positions.

So what is it that makes contractors so attractive to IT companies? We caught up with Dexter Dyer who works for PayMatters, a company that specialises in helping contractors manage tax compliance and payroll issues. He believes firms are realising the true value of contracting in talent: “There are some real issues for IT operators in terms of getting the right people in to fill skill gaps that are cropping up as the industry continues to flourish. The quickest and most effective solution is to use contracting staff.”

“Existing staff could be struggling to take on workloads to help deliver projects in areas they aren’t familiar in. They end up working longer hours, with additional stress with obvious impacts felt in productivity and motivation. With permanent recruitment often a drawn out process and head count issues actually continuing for many companies, the best value lies with contractors.”

“IT firms get people in with the skills they need, and quickly. Projects won’t lose impetus, with the obvious bonuses being that key deliverables don’t become vulnerable and client demands aren’t compromised. IT firms often find with contractors that their ability to inject new ideas and energy to their project areas is vital and adds real value, with existing permanent staff often benefiting from working with new personnel as well. We can see with the way that the IT sector works that contractors will be at the heart of the ever evolving tech landscape as more and more operators understand the advantages of engaging contracted experts into their ongoing and new-launch projects.”

PayMatters are APSCo accredited, professional passport approved and are business partners with the Institute Of Recruiters (IOR). PayMatters pride themselves on being fully HMRC compliant from an employers and employees NI, PAYE and expense perspective. For further information please contact Dexter Dyer, Senior Business Development Manager on 07825 605 407.