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Can Wall Murals Inspire Your Brand Ambassadors?

Can Wall Murals Inspire Your Brand Ambassadors?

Engaged employees help to build strong brands. Many companies focus most of their efforts on the outward-facing strategies associated with brand building, such as marketing, packaging and advertising campaigns. However, one of the most important assets a brand can have are the people working for it: the employees.

To build a strong brand requires that the employees all feel connected to it, and understand their role in how it works, and how they can help to promote it.

The concept of the brand ambassador is where a business can inspire the people who work for it to be its advocates, to spread the word about both working for it, and towards its aims.

“One of the ways in which a brand inspires its people is through their working environment, making it an inspirational and satisfying place to be in.  A growing aspect of this has been to create visually inspiring surroundings using wall murals,” remarks Paul Feather of Vista Digital.


“There’s a growing body of research which indicates that employees benefit from visual stimuli, and that art in the workplace increases productivity”

Paul Feather, Vista Digital


What if this inward-facing brand building could also face outwards?


The Shareability of Wall Murals

In external advertising, the huge growth of Instagram as a social media platform has helped revive the idea of the external wall mural.

“Shared images on Instagram spread the impact of visual advertising, while letting people discover it for themselves – perfect for content marketing,” Paul observes.  “The same potential is there for internal wall murals. Because they can be so visually impressive, they are far more likely to be shared across social media.”

“Just as you might use written or video-based content to create interest in your brand, so you can promote the two-dimensional imagery of wall murals widely across social media,” suggest Paul.

Wall murals can then serve an outward as well as inward brand-building purpose.


“As a brand ambassador, you may want to tell people great things about who you work for, or you could take a visual short-cut, by showing them where you work and what it looks like with huge wall mural that has such a dramatic, positive impact on the space you work in.”

Paul Feather, Vista Digital


Murals transform spaces, and they create a buzz. Something that works as shareable content, helping employees in their role as brand ambassadors.

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