Can Impactful Imagery Increase Employee Wellbeing?

Can Impactful Imagery Increase Employee Wellbeing?

When considering workplaces, we do not tend to think of them as therapeutic environments for the people working in them. However, there is an increasing focus on employee wellbeing and how best to achieve it.

“This is not simply employers wanting to be seen to be nice,” explains Paul Feather of Vista Digital, “but because how people feel at work can affect their productivity. Less stress means less days lost to absenteeism.”


The right working environment can prove to be inspirational, encouraging innovative thinking and dynamism”

Paul Feather, Vista Digital


“This sort of cultural shift is partly behavioural, but it also requires environmental change,” Paul states. “Some of this is achievable by what organisations and businesses choose to display on their walls.”


Employee Wellbeing and Staff Motivation

Wall murals can help to unlock people’s creative potential and provide inspiration to help generate innovative ideas.


“Art has been shown to inspire individuals to be creative, in all sorts of contexts.  Wall murals give a room personality, creating a specific aura, which can be an enormously powerful thing in a work context”

Paul Feather, Vista Digital


If employees feel their creative potential is being encouraged, and recognised, this gives them a greater sense of belonging. In this sense, what surrounds them at work provides a dual function of offering them visual stimulation while helping to improve their sense of employee wellbeing and job satisfaction.

“It’s about how people can identify more strongly with where they work, giving them an environment that encourages them to feel positive about their job,” Paul points out.


The Therapeutic Environment

Wall murals are mood enhancers. They enhance a culture and also reflect it and in this they are more than mere decoration.

“You can set the tone of a space with what you choose to display there,” Paul suggests, “and this tone can have a marked impact on how the people working in it perform.”

Various pieces of research have linked colour to mood and to how people perform. There are also studies showing that visible landscapes are beneficial to how people feel.


“If you display an immersive, high-definition rendition of a natural landscape on your wall, it can evoke a strong sense of calm.  This is linked to natural environments having a restorative effect on mental fatigue

Paul Feather, Vista Digital


“Art in the workplace, in various forms, has the potential to create a positive legacy, that benefits both employees and their employers,” Paul concludes.

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