What mental burdens are holding back your business?

What mental burdens are holding back your business?

Do you find that you are running round your business trying to control every meeting and discussion? Do you trust your people to run your operation in your absence?

If this rings a bell, you might be in danger of leading your business by fear. This can manifest itself by leaders taking a defensive position, seeking mistakes and being unwilling to accept change. Fear is often seen as a sign of weakness in the business world, but it is simply a natural human reaction to a given situation.

Rather than seeing fear as a mental barrier, did you know that fear can be used for good?

“We are humans with animal brains. Fear is our natural survival instinct, so we should not be ashamed of being fearful” says Sarah Furness, a former RAF Squadron Leader who now helps business leaders improve the performance of themselves and their staff.

We do not give our brains credit as fear is actually doing a job for us. We should stop beating ourselves up about fear, and learn to use it for good and to react to our natural instincts. To do this you need to identify the source of the fear, rather than battling it, and use it as a tool.”

Sarah Furness, Well Be It

Do you have imposter syndrome?

It’s natural for even the most experienced leader to be fearful about their position and performance, which can unfortunately lead to becoming more authoritarian and not accepting the reality of the situation.

Sarah adds: “The higher up you go in an organisation, imposter syndrome becomes more common as people have further to fall. It is hard for senior managers to receive peer support and approval for their decisions.

Your primitive brain wants the fear to go away, but we need to get comfortable and curious about fear and turn the situation around so we are getting to the root of the problem. Don’t allow fear to hold you back from getting things done.

So what is the solution?

The solution starts with increasing your self-awareness and noticing when you are taking a position based on fear. Leaders need to know that they are not abnormal, that fear and risk are just part of being in business.

“Managers should take time to reflect on their success, they are there for a reason,” says Sarah. “Senior managers have often made their career out of having all the answers, but they need to admit that they are vulnerable and show their human side rather than worrying about a lack of control.

“Focus on being open and not closed, while exploring new ways of doing things and looking for ideas from among your team. Stop leading by fear, aim to empower and inspire your organisation.”

Does your business need help?

Sarah, who officially left the military in July 2021, started her business Well Be It in February 2020. To discover how Sarah can help you and your personal performance, visit https://wellbeitcoach.com/ or email sarah@wellbeitcoach.com for a free, no-obligation, call.

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