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Is Work Life Balance More than Just a Break?

Is Work Life Balance More than Just a Break?

 A shift in perspective can alter your whole perception. Many people make major changes in their lives resulting from discussions they have while on holiday.

The tour operator Kuoni commissioned research, revealing that the most discussed subject on holiday was work life balance.

Holidays are not just about relaxation or visiting new locations. They enable people to take a break and take stock. They give them recovery space and a crucial widened perspective to help them make big decisions.

“A holiday may not be adequate to bring about lasting changes, because people will return to the same situation that they left,” Melinda Beckett-Hughes of Ayuda, points out.


“Putting physical distance between yourself and your everyday circumstances can be a very powerful thing, but without the right kind of guidance behind it, people may not be able to properly move on”

Melinda Beckett-Hughes, Ayuda


Running Low on Energy

Work drains people. More than this, it can set off a series of reactions including negative moods, fatigue and stress. These then deplete people’s emotional and physical resources.

“These resources have their limits,” Melinda says, “which means if you keep draining them, your productivity, and your motivation, will suffer.”

It is therefore in the interest of both employees and their employers to ensure that there is an opportunity to build up mental resources and embed a general sense of resilience.


“There is an inbuilt tendency in many workplaces to promote the idea of non-stop striving and fierce competitiveness, to the detriment of people’s health and wellbeing”

Melinda Beckett-Hughes, Ayuda


“The issue can be especially acute for women in business, where they can feel they are juggling various work and family commitments,” says Melinda.


Time to Take Stock

It is taxing to keep regulating your emotions when focusing on tasks and maintaining appearances.

For women in work, looking the part, while struggling with issues of gender equality, discrimination and managing an often demanding work life balance leads to fatigue, and stress.

Ego depletion occurs when someone is suppressing how they feel so that they can function in an expected manner,” Melinda observes. “While people benefit breaks from work, they can require something extra to help them recover properly and rebuild their energy levels.”

Melinda’s company, Ayuda, runs retreats to expressly address issues of depletion and alleviate feelings of stress.

“It’s about taking the principle of gaining perspective through distance and applying it therapeutically,” she says. “Even short periods away can restore energy, and longer breaks are a proven recovery strategy.”


“One of the hardest things to do is to leave work concerns in the workplace, to fully detach and so gain the most out of a recovery period”

Melinda Beckett-Hughes, Ayuda


“This is the key to offering a dedicated environment to rest, contemplation and replenishment,” Melinda concludes.

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